About the Artist

MARLA PANKO has been a practicing professional artist for forty years. Upon the completion of a BFA from the University of Guelph and an MFA from the University of Windsor, Panko settled in Hamilton, Ontario. She has exhibited her work extensively throughout the region and is the recipient of numerous awards. Panko has also sustained a long and varied career in art education, and been very involved in the arts community volunteering for several arts organizations. She currently holds a  position as Curator of the Carnegie Gallery in the town of Dundas, Ontario while continuing her studio practice.

“I try to make visual sense of the complex world around us — to construct order between disconnected elements, to uncover relevance in the discarded remains of modernity — and in so doing establish composure from disarray.   The work is less about the co-existence of fragments than it is about creating a new poetic hybrid.”

My  work is grounded in both painting and collage — often interchangeable and frequently combined.  As a painter I value the pure non-representational formalism of  colour and composition structured to create an interdependent and stable whole.  As a collage artist, l appreciate the spontaneous connection to physical materials.  My work in  collage has led me to explore found materials including appropriated  papers and text which reference current culture, as well as textiles  which have interesting surface texture and transparency.  This regard for tactile materials encourages a process of continual alteration and subtle layering which also defines my painting practice. Whether composing shapes with paint, paper or cut fabric, the challenge to achieve an elegance of meaning and form in their overall unity is unchanging.  I welcome the opportunity as an artist to move fluidly between media in this pursuit.